Blast Cleaning and Spray Painting

Your containers, construction or silos are in professional hands in our blasting and spraying workshop. In addition to giving the items a fresh and high quality coating, we specialise in special applications. Examples are the application of anti-graffiti coating, camouflage coating for the armed forces or internal blasting of tank containers to make them suitable for the food industry. Lettering such as your company logo may be applied to the sprayed items.

View examples of our blasting and spray painting work in our portfolio.

Renovation of Silos and Collapsible Flatracks

Our renovation programmes will extend the life of your containers such as silos or collapsible flatracks by 3 to 10 years. We supply the complete package, from repairs and modification to testing and preparation.

Spray Painting Equipment

We offer a unique combination of blasting, spray painting, drying and lettering, in addition to repair and construction, all under one roof. Our blasting and spray painting workshop is fully equipped, including an adjacent covered drying tunnel. Moreover, we have a separate spray painting workshop. We pre-warm the paint using special pump units for optimal life.

Spray Painting Quality

Depending on your requirements, coatings will be from 100mµ up to any multiple. The guarantee period is related to the coat thickness. We operate standards including the RE3 Hempel standard, with guarantee systems from C1/C2 to C5M, up to guarantees of over 15 years.

All spray paint meets high quality and environmental requirements, such as mechanical resistance, self-cleaning capacity, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion and colour fastness. Our blast cleaning and spray painting work is certified for offshore, onshore and armed forces use, including the requisite guarantee systems.

Blast cleaning


Blast cleaning is a surface treatment technique prior to spray painting. Rust, dirt and paint residue are removed in order for a new coating to adhere optimally to the cleaned surface. Steel grit is blasted against the surface under high pressure in a safety cabin. There are several degrees of cleanliness in blast cleaning steel: scuffing, bare blasting and SA 2, 5-3

Aluminium and Stainless Steel

For blasting aluminium and stainless steel we use non-metallic grit (fossil grit) against corrosion.