Custom Made Containers

Anything is possible! However unusual your request: our specialised team will relish the challenge. All container adaptations are carried out in our factory in Oosterhout. This is an overview of our unique complete package:

  • Design, development, strength calculations, preparation, lettering and transport
  • Blast cleaning and spray painting in our own factory We will immediately blast the modified sections in order to prevent corrosion
  • Certified welding
  • Re-inspection after modification, MPI testing (including material certificates and CAD drawings)


Common adaptations of containers:

  • Installing wicket doors, fire doors and windows
  • Watertight floors, epoxy cast house floors, steel floors
  • Ventilation systems and air conditioning
  • Electrical installation of control cabinets, explosion resistant equipment and climate control
  • Installing workbenches, installations, machines, sanitary provisions and various equipment
  • Built in drip trays and the construction of sub frames for transformers
  • Insulation systems of various materials, thicknesses and fire resistance to your requirements, including certificate and in various K values
  • Sound insulation
  • Foaming the underside of the container (fire resistant and insulated)
  • Preparations with a selection of guarantee systems
  • Custom made lettering with a long life (3M 900 quality)


Would you like custom made advice from your design department? Contact us using the contact form below or phone 0162-433900. You are also more than welcome to visit our factory.