Environmental containers

From new build to repairs and modifications: we offer a total package for waste disposal containers. We are the preferred supplier of companies including Van Gansewinkel and Sita for the maintenance and renovation of waste disposal containers. In the case of new build, the options are legion: slides, draw hook systems or complete modification programmes. We also renovate compactors, including the hydraulic and electrical elements. In case of an emergency… Our mobile repair service is able to get to the site quickly.

Our total package for environmental containers:

  • New build
  • Repairs (including the hydraulic and electrical elements of compactors)
  • Mobile repair service
  • Blast cleaning and spray painting
  • Transport
  • Modifications such as:
    • Slide, chain, cable, hook loader or combination systems
    • Restructuring slides, renewing floors
    • New wheels
    • Repairing or modifying fasteners
    • Extending, shortening or flushing
    • Mounting specially designed lids and valves to waste disposal containers to ensure safety
    • Various tilting installations