New magazine to mark 30th anniversary

This is the second edition of ‘Het Familiebedrijf in Beeld’. This professional magazine aims to track down great family businesses and put them in the limelight. ‘These gems are worth putting centre stage’, says the editor. ‘They give us insight into the backbone of the economy. Family businesses are characterised by a tight-knit structure based on excellent business operations, passion and high levels of engagement of the employees and the board. ‘Familiebedrijf in Beeld’ is spokesman of the board and interviews customers, suppliers and stakeholders’


Container Service C.Groenenboom is an excellent example. The chief editor thought ‘a container is a container, right?’ Wrong. CEO Kristel Groenenboom showed the editor round her impressive company and explained that Groenenboom custom made containers can be used in all sorts of applications, from fresh produce to laboratories or even containerising entire factories. Anything is possible in a container! The company celebrates its 30th anniversary. A landmark to be proud of!